Wife of ‘Duck Sauce Killer’ once got text to ‘bring your 9mm:’ prosecutors

The wife of accused “Duck Sauce Killer” Glenn Hirsch🔯, who is charged with stashing his cache of guns, once got a text from her brother to “bring your 9mm,” Queens prosecutors said at the start of her trial Monday.

Dorothy Hirsch, who faces weapons possession charges💮, allegedly received the text from her kin nearly two years before her hubby allegedly gunned down Chinese food delivery worker Zhiwen Yan in Forest Hills on April 30, 2022 – because his restaurant shorted him on duck sauce.

⛄But her lawyer said the text was meant for Glenn Hirsch and not his client — and suggested that the only reason she’s even on trial is because prosecutors can’t get at the killer because he committed suicide.

“This case is about punishing Ms. Hirsch for the alleged sins of her husband,” defense attorney Mark Bederow said as the trial — which is being heard by a judge, not a jury — opened in Queens Supreme Court.

Dorothy Hirsch, the estranged wife of “Duck Sauce Killer” Glenn Hirsch, is on trial on illegal weapons charges . James Messerschmidt

👍“If she was not married to Glenn Hirsch, not subject to his years of abuse, that there would be no prosecution here,” Bederow said.

Bederow also shredded the prosecution’s first witness, NYPD Det. Todd Keyes, who conceded that the search warrant for the apartment specifically targeted only Glenn Hirsch’s possessions. 

🌠Keyes testified that the cache of weapons was found in one of five closets in the apartment that contained items only belonging to Glenn Hirsh, who has been described by investigators as a hoarder.

“All of the firearms and ammo came from the closet you describe as being similar to a hoarders?” Bederow asked the cop. 

“They came from that closet,” Keyes replied. 

Glenn Hirsch was charged in the 2022 death of Chinese food delivery worker Zhiwen Yan, allegedly because of a beef of a lack of duck sauce with his order. Matthew McDermott
Investigators found a cache of weapons in Dorothy Hirsch’s apartment that allegedly belonged to her estranged husband. Queens County DA's Office

Glenn Hirsch was facing murder charges in Yan’s death when he shot himself on Aug. 5, 2022.

Police later found eight guns stashed in his wife’s apartment, and charged her with illegal weapons possession a month after her ex killed himself.

He left behind a suicide note claiming his wife didn’t know about the guns in her apartment — but prosecutors said she knew they were there.

Zhiwen Yan, right, was killed while making a food deliver in Forest Hills on April 30, 2022. Kunying Zhao/GoFundMe

෴“It was a total of eight illegal pistols and over 400 rounds of ammunition that were inside this defendant’s apartment that she owned and lived in alone,” Assistant District Attorney Kanella Georgopolos said during opening statements at the trial on Monday.

“In the closet where the guns were found she kept her toilet paper, her hand soap and other household items,” Georgopolos said. “The September [2020] text was from her brother. She responded, ‘OK.’”

♑Prosecutors have conceded that Dorothy Hirsch’s fingerprints and DNA were not on the guns – but maintained that she had sole control of the weapons kept at her home.