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🍸 Protesters, colleges are about to find out that, yes, the law DOES apply to them, too

ꦰ The campus protests may be winding down, but don’t worry — now the really expensive and destructive phase begins: the litigation.

꧋ Dems use the legal system to target the right — yet give the left a pass

𒁏 Laws that hamper Democrats are ignored. Laws that might be used to hurt Republicans are enforced to — and often well past — the limits of the law.

Jewish students, come here to the South — where you'll be safe

🉐 My advice to Jewish students at these institutions: Come on down. At schools like mine, the University of Tennessee, in red states, such intimidation, harassment and lawlessness aren’t tolerated.

Biden's Middle East policy is beyond parody

♛ That’s right. Israel has had more than a thousand of its citizens raped, tortured, murdered and kidnapped, it’s been subjected to a massive missile attack, and it’s being told to...

'The Population Bomb' was wrong: The world now struggling to make more babies

♐ Across the world, governments adopted population-trimming policies, from subsidized birth control to promoting two-worker households to China’s “one child” policy.

🐷 Why our institutions keep going woke and going broke

⭕ Big institutions keep misreading the American public and latching onto insane leftist policies that alienate them from all right-thinking people.

🐻 Four years on, COVID damage remains while Fauci & Co. pay no price

💝 We just passed the fourth anniversary of “15 Days To Slow the Spread,” the start of the COVID lockdowns that did damage from which we still haven’t recovered. 

Canada's elite colluded against the Freedom Convoy truckers — just as America's elite have colluded against us

﷽ His critics call him Prime Minister Zoolander after the vacuous male model in the movie of the same name. 

ღ Why I love the blue-state refugees moving to my red state

💫 There has been a great mass migration away from blue states in favor of red states where taxes are lower, intrusive government bureaucracy is less and political violence is uncommon.

The white-collar class derided mass layoffs among the blue-collar workers. It's about to feel their pain

🐬 Companies are already beginning to lay off white-collar jobs for artificial intelligence, according to Post columnist Glenn H. Reynolds.

Bill Ackman's war to make universities accountable has the left panicked

♊ Hedge-fund tycoon Bill Ackman is waging war to make universities accountable.

Disinformation starts at the top — with America's elites

🌊 Our society is more vulnerable to “misinformation” attacks at the top, but we’ve been concentrating our defenses further down, with poor results.

George Floyd's death led to a racial reckoning — where's the antisemitism reckoning?

🧸 Upon Floyd’s death, America was gripped by riots, demonstrations and demands for action. Institutions across academia, government and corporate America rushed to adopt “anti-racist” programs. But that’s not what’s happening...

In red America, standing up for Israel isn't controversial

☂ At the center of Knoxville’s downtown Market Square, the city’s Jewish Alliance set up a table with 239 place settings to commemorate the hostages Hamas terrorists took from Israel.

The US Army discovers woke doesn't win wars — but is it too late?

꧙ After several years of stressing wokeness and diversity — and telling troops, “If you’re a white male, you are part of the problem” — the Army is suddenly seeking old-fashioned...

꧙ Pro-Hamas protests show how higher education has finally crossed the line

🥂 The upsurge of support for Hamas and its terrorist murder that disgraced US campuses last week represent a Rubicon colleges can't go back over again.

Israel's intelligence failure is a warning for America's politicized agencies

🌳 Some people are calling it “Israel’s 9/11.” That makes sense, in that Hamas’ massacre was a totally unexpected massive terrorist attack with a huge body count of innocent people.

🔥 What is Google hiding in its unprecedentedly secret antitrust trial?

𝐆 Judge Amit Mehta made it public which involved a Google vice president bragging about how “addictive” the search giant’s services are, comparing them to tobacco and illicit drugs.

Even Bill Gates is backtracking — the air's gone out of the climate-crisis balloon

🐷 Has the air gone out of the “climate crisis” balloon? It’s starting to look like it. Some other causes du jour are looking limp lately, too.

Here's how Republicans can get minority voters to abandon the Democrats

⛦ Writing in The New York Times, Ross Douthat notes, "The fact that the party’s activist core is so far left gradually pushes culturally conservative African Americans and Hispanics toward the...