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Michael Cohen's testimony proves he's the King of Liars, and only out to make a buck

🃏 The only thing the prosecutors in Donald Trump's hush money trial proved was that, in the pantheon of dishonesty, there are liars, pathological liars . . . and Michael Cohen.

'Mr. Fix-It' Michael Cohen bombs on the stand, offers no new evidence to convict Trump

ꦿ So Michael Cohen wants a reality show. Who would buy it? If his testimony Monday is any indication, he is completely disconnected from reality.

This may be the week Alvin Bragg's case against Trump falls apart

🦩 The calculus of Alvin Bragg is now obvious. He is counting on the jury convicting Trump regardless of the evidence.

🅠 The antics displayed by Michael Cohen are turning Judge Merchan ‘feckless’

🧔 Michael Cohen is back on TikTok, using the Trump trial to troll for dollars.

༒ Judge allows Stormy Daniels to give irrelevant, salacious testimony just to humiliate Trump

𝓡 The prosecution fought with Trump’s defense counsel to not only call porn star Stormy Daniels to the stand, but to ask her for lurid details on her alleged tryst with...

Oral arguments suggest the Supreme Court's about to plunge into a constitutional abyss in Trump immunity case

෴ In Thursday’s case before the Supreme Court on the immunity of former President Donald Trump, nine justices appear to be feverishly working with feathers and glue on a plunge into...

ꩵ Alvin Bragg has his Trump trial, all he needs now is a crime

𓃲 We’ve never seen a case like this one where a dead misdemeanor from 2016 could be revived as a felony just before the 2024 election

🃏 A serial perjurer will try to prove an old misdemeanor against Trump in an embarrassment for the New York legal system

ﷺ After an absurd $450 million decision against Trump courtesy of AG Letitia James, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg will bring his equally controversial criminal prosecution over hush money paid to Stormy Daniels.

Judge calls out blatant double standard when it comes to Biden's Justice Department and Hunter

𝐆 U.S. District Court Judge Ana Reyes slammed the DOJ for stonewalling Congress on the subpoenas while imprisoning figures like former Trump adviser Peter Navarro for doing the same thing.

♊ Dem lawfare puts Trump through hell, but he hardly breaks a sweat

﷽ With every new indictment, Trump's popularity has increased. The lawfare just is not reaching the guy. 

Biden and the party of 'democracy' are terrified of third-party candidates and voter choice

♑ The last time that the Chicago Democratic Convention was held in Chicago in 1968, the resulting riots led to one of the greatest Freudian slips in American politics. Mayor Richard...

ꦰ Judge throws Fani Willis a lifeline, when he should have tossed whole case against Trump

♕ Ethically, this should not have been a difficult question. Fulton County District Attorney Fani T. Willis and Special Counsel Nathan Wade should have stepped aside.

🦩 With Joe Biden at the helm, disunion is strong and present

🌱 President Biden gave what could be his final State of the Union address Thursday.

♋ Fani Willis accuses others of lying and inappropriate behavior: Oh, the irony

ও When Fani Willis ran against her former boss in 2020 she pledged repeatedly that "I will certainly not be choosing to date people that work under me."

ಞ 5 crucial questions Congress is asking Hunter Biden right now

💝 In 2016, Hunter Biden and his father Joe Biden gave an interview in which he declared that, "The single best thing is, family comes first."

ꦫ This lying witness does not exonerate the Bidens

🐟 Alexander Smirnov is now a defendant in federal court after being charged by Special Counsel David Weiss for spreading a false story about Hunter Biden receiving $5 million from Burisma,...

ജ Democrats weaponized justice system to punish Trump in business case

🦹 This should shock the conscience of anyone concerned about the integrity and fairness of the New York legal system. Confiscatory fines and required deposit leaves not just defendants but the...

Biden's outrageous spin on his special-counsel lies could set him up for impeachment

🅘 Following the report on his retention of classified documents, Joe Biden criticized special counsel Robert Hur, stating he has such “diminished faculties,” it'd be difficult to criminally charge him.

Hunter Biden had 'interesting name,' witness testifies — in DC, that's enough

🐓 "An interesting name." Those three words by Biden family associate Rob Walker could well be the epitaph for Hunter Biden and his uncle James Biden.

♌ Biden hides his climate agenda —from Congress and voters

🥀 With the departure of John Kerry as "climate czar," President Biden has announced that he will be replaced by John Podesta. Podesta, however, will take the power and not the...