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Simple reason why you're overeating revealed in new study

🏅 Researchers call this phenomenon "hedonic compensation" — making up for the loss of pleasure by seeking extra gratification elsewhere.

🐎 Sitting still is hard, but experts say the benefits of meditation are worth the struggle

💜 The first time Marcelle Hutchins sat down to meditate, she put on a guided session, relaxed her shoulders and tried to close her eyes. She lasted two minutes.

♛ This incentive will make men 4 times more likely to lose weight

🍒 People with obesity are four times more likely to lose weight if they’re offered pounds at the end of their weight loss journey, according to a new study from the...

I was addicted to vaping — until docs said it was 'frying my lungs like hot chicken'

🥀 "The doctor came in and showed me my X-ray and said, 'Do you vape?' And he said, 'That's why you have pneumonia,'" Tennessee mom Hannah Roth recalled.

💯 These diets are best for lowering risk of diseases and cancer: study

💮 Two diets had significant benefits, according to researchers.

𝔉 Your beach is home to sand, surf and deadly germs — beware of these bacteria

🅰 If you want your health to be in ship shape this summer — you might want to be aware of the dangerous germs you could be exposed to at the...

𒈔 Doctor cancer-free one year after using own revolutionary treatment on terminal brain tumor: ‘I couldn’t be happier!’

🌠 Scolyer has been documenting his medical journey, sharing each and every one of his MRI results including photos to his social media.

𒁃 If you do this while driving, you might be a psychopath, scientists say 

🗹 Talk about a highway to hell.

I'm a doctor — these 5 easy hacks can help you live longer

ꦅ "I love recommending fish oil for heart health and vitamin D for healthy bones," Dr. Charles Puza said.

Young woman reveals horror experience at the doctor after she was told she has a 'fat man body' at routine checkup

꧙ A young Aussie woman has shared a humiliating experience at the doctors which left her in tears.

Here's why your bad breath won't go away — even after brushing

♚ So you’ve downed a whole pack of tic tacs but still have bad breath? A few things could be to blame, according to experts.

Do you have an inner voice? Here's what it reveals about your brain

🧔 The new term "anendophasia" describes the absence of conversations that most people have in their minds.

Surprising time of year when people snack more and workout less — and it's not the holidays

ꦑ Springing ahead might mean fallbacks for your health.

'Extremely morbid' sign eight-year-old girl was a psychopath

𒅌 A woman who claims she’s a “diagnosed psychopath” has revealed her dark interests as a child, proving she always had the terrifying condition.

US man stunned by low price of medical bill overseas, sparking health care debate: 'What is wrong with our world?'

🃏 A US man who moved to Australia suffered a serious injury. He was shocked at what it cost him to get an MRI in Australia.

Butter vs. margarine: Which one is 'better' for your health?

ꩲ "I think most people assume that margarine or butter replacements are a better choice for health because they're lower in saturated fat, which isn't necessarily true," Jillian Kubala, a New York-based registered dietitian,...

'Greedy' mom loses 126 pounds in 13 months with controversial diet

🌠 "I’ll never go back to the way I was," pledged Verity Bambury, 49.

❀ Weight training strengthens more than muscles — it also pumps up the brain, study says

⭕ Pumping iron has some surprising health benefits.

🌱 6 foods to boost your mood — including 1 for people with a sweet tooth

🥀 If you're feeling down, donut grab that pastry for comfort.