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🌞 Forget skincare — the latest tween obsession is this must-have $60 hoodie

𒐪 “I thought, 'That is the cutest thing ever, I need to own one of those,'” said one 13-year-old fan.

I was addicted to vaping — until docs said it was 'frying my lungs like hot chicken'

🃏 "The doctor came in and showed me my X-ray and said, 'Do you vape?' And he said, 'That's why you have pneumonia,'" Tennessee mom Hannah Roth recalled.

'Anti-sex' beds have arrived at Paris Olympics — after horny athletes admit to orgies amid competition

ꦐ There'll be no lovemaking in the City of Love.

ꩵ Apple urges iPhone users to update to iOS 17.5 — these are the new features available

♎ A vital new software update across Apple devices protects the tech from security breaches — and offers an array of new features for users to take advantage of.

🐽 You have one more chance to see the Northern Lights: These are the best places in the US for skywatching

🐻 Did you miss the FOMO-inducing aurora borealis over the weekend? No need to wish upon a star.

Millennials just 'can’t do it': Weird quirk that makes folks over 30 sick to their stomachs

𒁏 Thirty-somethings just can’t phone it in. 

🍌 Hot dogs are so hot right now: NYC invaded by bizarre new wiener cocktails, franken-sculpture

ᩚᩚᩚᩚᩚᩚ⁤⁤⁤⁤ᩚ⁤⁤⁤⁤ᩚ⁤⁤⁤⁤ᩚ𒀱ᩚᩚᩚ Have hot dogs hit their halcyon age? Just in time for the burgeoning brat phenomenon, the newly opened Williamsburg rooftop bar LilliStar is offering its own spin on Gotham's quintessential...

Gen Alpha kids express shock over gay people 'coming out' in viral video: ‘What the heck!?’

ꦬ The post racked up 2.1 million views — and nearly 8,000 comments.

🎃 Are cold plunges safe? What you need to know about the health benefits, risks of this celeb-loved trend

🧸 "Assuming that everybody responds the same way to cold is extremely dangerous," said François Haman, a health science professor at the University of Ottawa in Canada who has studied cold...

Bride calls out wedding guest's 'ridiculous' RSVP: 'Nothing I can do now'

🍌 "Anyone else deal with ridiculous RSVPs? I guess I should have been more clear."

What is the 'Barbara’s Rhubarb Bar' TikTok trend? 'A song you can't even understand, stuck 24/7'

⛄ The catchy song is actually a German tongue twister called “Barbaras Rhabarberbar,” or “Barbara’s Rhubarb Bar,” about a woman named Barbara and her rhubarb cakes.

The way you text reveals if you're a boomer, millennial or Gen Z, tech influencer says

♔ Fashion, vernacular and musical preferences aren't the only clear cultural indicators of age, according to this digital wizard.

🦄 Gen Z thinks the best kind of party is to make PowerPoint presentations together

🍨 PowerPoints are all the rager.

🍷 Mini steppers are all the rage on TikTok — how good is the workout?

♔ Is it time to climb on the bandwagon?

NYC bachelors are exposing their disgusting bedrooms — and they don't care: 'No hiding who you are'

💞 "Wow, this is a lot to take in," comedian Rachel Coster, the brave tour guide for "Boy Rooms," said upon entering one young man's bedroom last week.

🦹 Starbucks barista breaks down after customer leaves sweet note, huge tip: ‘You deserve it’

🏅 This woman's brew-tiful gesture has TikTok in tears.

Walgreens keeps selling out of mango gummy candy — and Gen Zers are desperate: 'WE NEED MORE'

🌞 The sweet treat has been routinely selling out since being introduced last fall.

Gen Z is ditching acronyms like Millennial-favorite 'YOLO' for cool 'DIFTP' slang

𒅌 No more “ROTFL,” gramps. Sorry.

This one word will ruin your day at work: 'My mind goes to the worst places'

🧸 It's just one word, but it drives a lot of uncertainty and anxiety in the workplace.