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Times Square tourist mom, 36, stabbed by maniac was leading school trip to NYC: ‘Don’t feel safe there’

The tourist mom stabbed in the chest by a knife-wielding maniac in Times Square in broad daylight Saturday was chaperoning a group of schoolgirls on a class trip when she was attacked — and her family has no plans to visit the city again.

“We don’t feel safe there,” the victim’s husband, John Lohr, told The Post.

☂His wife, 36-year-old mother of five Amber Lohr from western Pennsylvania, was guiding the students near Times Square when 61-year-old Cyril Destin allegedly lashed out in a totally unprovoked attack.

Cyril Destin, 61, stood up and randomly plunged a knife into the chest of Amber Lohr, 36, as she walked by, according to reports. Obtained by NY Post

Destin, who has 14 arrests to his name over the last 20 years, was sitting outside a deli at Eight Avenue and 43rd Street, when he suddenly leaped to his feet and plunged a knife into Amber’s chest as she, her daughter and the kids left a souvenir shop.

“A guy with a very lengthy record went out of nowhere and attacked my wife by stabbing her into the chest and within inches of her life being lost,” the husband said.

Despite being so severely wounded that blood started darkening the thick sweatshirt she was wearing, Amber kept her cool and thought first to protect her students — and her husband thinks she is a “hero” for doing so.

“My wife not only had taken the stabbing but should also be considered a hero by remaining in front of the children, coaching them to go backwards without turning around,” John said.

Only after making sure her students were safe did Amber tell anybody she’d been stabbed, and a bystander ran for help.

“Whomever she was, ‘Thank you,'” John said, adding that he wanted to also thank the “strong and fearless” girls his wife was chaperoning for keeping their composure and helping, despite being “scared out of their minds.”

Lohr was chaperoning a group of schoolgirls on an NYC class trip when she was attacked. New York Post

ﷺBefore being taken to Bellevue for stab wounds, Amber was treated on the sidewalk while her attacker was arrested. Surveillance video shows he was still holding the knife when cops arrived.

“This man could have murdered my wife or even worse, one of the children she was chaperoning,” the husband said.

“To think I could have been planning a funeral rather celebrating my wife on Mother’s Day is sickening to me.”

Destin — who lives in a shelter across the street from the site of the attack — was charged with second-degree assault, along with fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon.

𝓰He has a rap sheet going back two decades, which includes arrests for menacing, trespass, and theft, among other charges, according to sources.

Destin has a long history of mental illness and arrests, and is known for erratic and destructive behavior. Obtained by NY Post

𝄹He also has a history of erratic and destructive behavior, and hallucinations, sources said.

The Lohrs want Destin put away for a long time — and warned that if he isn’t, the next victim might not be as lucky as Amber.

“This man will strike again and maybe the next person may not be as fortunate,” John said.

“I will not accept anything but the max sentence for him,” he added. “This man doesn’t only need to be jailed but institutionalized permanently following his well-deserved lengthy sentencing.”