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Face of history's 'cruelest man' revealed for first time in 440 years

𒅌 Want to look evil straight in the eye?

Controversial suicide pod dubbed the 'Tesla of euthanasia' to be used for the first time

♎ Sarco, a 3D-printed capsule, reportedly offers a painless death within 10 minutes of entering with the push of a button.

Body surfer swept out to sea rescued thanks to Apple Watch: 'Saved my life'

ꦅ "If it wasn't for being able to access that service in my watch I'd probably be bobbing out somewhere in international waters by now," he said.

I attended the 'tackiest' wedding — the penny-pinching couple promised a real dinner, then served instant ramen

✱ She’s got beef with these noodle-headed newlyweds. 

⛦ I’m a bridesmaid — my friend is demanding I take out a $20K loan to be in her wedding

🌌 She just might find herself “a loan” at the altar. 

I had sex with my half-brother — here's how I uncovered the traumatizing truth

🐓 Their love story turned into a total nightmare.

From recliners to ankle monitors: Here are the crazy objects washing up on NY's Long Beach

༺ "We don't find out the stories behind them, because they just kind of pop up some mornings, but I'm sure it's just kids having fun," he said.

🦂 The reasons why almost half of Americans prefer to watch TV with their dogs

𒅌 Based on a new study, 43% of Americans would rather watch a movie with their dog than their partner.

My baby's car seat caught fire due to this seemingly harmless trinket: 'Please be aware'

ᩚᩚᩚᩚᩚᩚ⁤⁤⁤⁤ᩚ⁤⁤⁤⁤ᩚ⁤⁤⁤⁤ᩚ𒀱ᩚᩚᩚ This mama has a smoking hot safety tip. 

Whale watchers horrified after creepy 'blood worm' washes ashore

🐭 It's enough to chill one's blood.

Costco’s apocalypse dinner kit will last for 25 years — here's how much it will set back doomsday preppers

꧙ Given that the world will start seriously unraveling next year — at least according to blind mystic Baba Vanga — it's high time to start prepping for armageddon.

Museum of Pizza creator shares 'bonkers' story behind his nearly Fyre Festival-level catastrophe

♛ Kareem Rahma just wanted a slice of the pie, but he got burned in the process.

Wedding crashers leave hilarious gift for newlyweds: 'There's no Uncle Dave and Aunt Nancy'

♊ At least they’re not showing up empty-handed for a change. 

꧙ Blind mystic makes haunting 2025 prediction

♑ The so-called Nostradamus of the Balkans is said to have predicted 9/11 and the war in Ukraine.

Don't ignore this one skin sign that might mean cancer, doctor warns

💝 Don't brush off this advice.

I bike 3 hours to work as a supercommuter — here's why it's better than taking the bus or driving

🌌 Hauling butt to work each day can sometimes feel like an endless cycle — especially if that’s your mode of transportation.