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Shocking number of college students have 'little idea' of how government works: survey

🎃 “Our form of government requires citizens who understand its nature and history."

ꩵ Women confront cell phone repair store worker after they allegedly caught him trying to airdrop their saucy photos to himself

꧃ “My friend was notified that the Airdrop failed, with a nude picture she had sent to her boyfriend years ago that was still on the phone,” the woman’s friend said.

🌱 Rents have been falling in these cities over the last year — Is yours one of them?

𒊎 However, rental prices have dropped in more pronounced ways in certain markets, so apartment hunters might feel some palpable relief in their pocketbooks depending on where they’re apartment hunting.

Woman 'in utter shock' by bizarre wedding invitation: 'Tackiest thing I've ever heard'

🎶 While her husband was invited to the wedding and reception, the note indicated, "I'd be in another room helping to babysit all the children there with several other female invitees." 

I ate like Joe Biden and Donald Trump for a day — here's why I won't do it again

✨ It takes a sturdy constitution to handle these presidential diets.

Famed diabetes doctor reveals what's next for Ozempic-like drugs

𝔍 Canadian endocrinologist Daniel J. Drucker's work paved the way for Ozempic.

🧔 Stanley Cup champ opens up about his struggle with dyslexia and how his foundation is helping others

✤ "I lived on that rink just because that was the only place I was good," Sopel told The Post. "Anytime I could get on that ice, that's where I got...

What is vitiligo? All about the disease affecting Kim Kardashian's son

༒ Kardashian, 43, revealed this week that one of her two sons — Saint, 8, or Psalm, 5 — has the rare skin condition.

I had to abandon my husband at the airport because of this country's wild new passport rules

ꦓ "They told us his passport had expired, even though the expiration date was March 2025, meaning there were eight months left," she said in a viral video.

😼 Flyers can bring these 11 full-size liquids through airport security

♈ Despite bottled-up flying frustrations, there is a list of TSA-allowed liquids that are permitted through security checkpoints and do not need to be less than 3.4 ounces.

𝓰 Sketchy Uber Eats drivers exposed as struggling restaurants fight back

🍸 The trend has become so common that it’s a liability to the business, as well as honest Uber Eats drivers who are “just trying their best to make ends meet”,...

I'm a weight loss coach — I live by these 4 simple wellness rules

ඣ These four tips may give you a leg up in your fitness journey.

🅺 I asked my husband for a divorce because of this weird habit

ꦜ “He says I'm making a huge deal out of it, but I feel like I can no longer trust him.”

Here's the reason you can't get a boyfriend: Jana Hocking

🔯 There’s the famous saying, “The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

I'm 60 — I slashed my biological age to 35 with four easy moves

💧 Tina Woods just turned 60 and has never felt younger.

♎ The viral Home Depot 12-foot skeleton is already in stock for Halloween 2024

ꦏ There's a spooky situation over at The Home Depot. 

ꩵ Travel influencer falls 350 feet to death while filming at waterfall

ꦑ Travel influencer Aanvi Kamdar tragically died Tuesday after falling over 300 feet while filming at a waterfall in India.

♒ Burger King employee, son and his friends fired over viral Facebook post

🐽 “I felt like it was a good thing because we could have really been out doing violence or shooting or killing, but we went out and worked.”

Dear Abby: My husband hasn't touched me since I gave birth 14 years ago

💖 Dear Abby weighs in on a woman craving physical intimacy and a woman who is ready to stop trying to climb the corporate ladder.