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🌄 Gen Z prefers meeting matches at funerals and other odd hot spots

𓄧 They’re apps-olutely sick of swiping. 

OnlyFans creator who's slept with over 1,000 people reveals if men or women are better at sex

🍨 “Women are usually much softer than men, who are rough in nature. Women smell so much better, too, and the majority of women also aim to please.”

If your man does this one thing, dump him: 'I wish I knew this was coming'

🔯 She continued by listing a multitude of common reasons women feel undervalued in relationships, such as “can’t commit”, “won’t communicate” and “doesn’t take their part of the mental load”.

I’m 40 and people think I'm a teenager — and my secret to staying young only costs around $4

ꦆ This anti-aging tip came from Rosie Morell's mom, and she says it’s the reason she looks so young.

Narcissism may fade with age — but never entirely, new research shows: 'A stable personality trait'

💦 Humanity is chasing narcissists, but narcissists are faster.

Millionaire dominatrix reveals why men can't stop giving her money

ඣ At just 26 years old, Grace claims she has already made over $3.5 million and owns a lucrative property portfolio worth over $2 million.

Escort reveals 'so many husbands' are bad in bed: 'How are their wives putting up with this?'

ꦍ An Australian escort has revealed why she thinks Aussie men are so bad at sex and there is one big thing too many are doing wrong.

🃏 My fiancé dumped me days before our $38K wedding — here’s how I got revenge

🐈 Jessica Buchanan was blindsided when her fiancé called off their costly wedding.

How 'Owning Manhattan' star's mom hijacked her dating apps — and catfished her daughter's future husband

🐠 The meddling mom of "Owning Manhattan's" Chloe Tucker Caine hijacked her daughter's dating apps and, while pretending to be her, hooked -- and catfished -- her future son-in-law.

🅰 Which tarot cards predict the best and worst outcome for your love life?

🥀 For centuries, people have been shuffling, pulling and reading tarot cards in hopes of dancing with divination and gleaning insights into their past, present, and future.

♍ Are you suffering from post-wedding anxiety? Experts explain why nuptial nightmares persist after your big day

🌟 You've heard of pre-wedding jitters, but what about post-nuptial nightmares?

NYC single ladies hit the man market at Whole Foods Tribeca: 'It's the best place for husband hunting'

ꦬ Big Apple beauties are walking down the aisle — the produce aisle, that is. 

Frustrated exes go viral on TikTok in revealing new revenge trend: 'My way of making him pay'

൩ Some have claimed the videos are cyberbullying.

𒅌 These are the people you should never hit on

ᩚᩚᩚᩚᩚᩚ⁤⁤⁤⁤ᩚ⁤⁤⁤⁤ᩚ⁤⁤⁤⁤ᩚ𒀱ᩚᩚᩚ In the spirit of “Not today Satan!” here is my list of people you should NEVER pursue…

Penis size-predicting dating app matches couples' sexual mojo using just photos of their hands — here's how accurate it is

🧸 "When your body proportions are similar with your partner's, there's a higher probability that you will have a really good sex life," the creator told The Post.

𒈔 I was delighted to receive a wedding invitation — then the couple asked for my debit card number

♔ A nonplussed nuptial invitee wonders if there's a cover charge for one brazen bride's big day.

NYC's Gen Z singles reveal their biggest dating red flags and icks: 'I'm avoiding any frat man'

ꦐ A swarm of singletons sounded off to The Post about the trials, travails and toxic traits to avoid while hunting for happily ever after in the Big Apple.

Venus in Leo 2024; everyone's an egomaniacal child star

♏ Venus, our planet of love, attachment, attraction, and wealth, is setting up shop in the lion's heart of Leo this week.