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💟 Parents say high grocery bills are causing ‘drastic readjustments’ at home

♔ According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, grocery prices have risen 25% since the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. However, the cost of groceries dropped in April, the first decrease in...

How to boost your credit score if you're a first-time homebuyer

⛎ It’s simple: The better your credit history, the higher your score—and the better your opportunities for a home loan.

ꦡ I invest in Lego because it’s better than stocks, bonds and gold — and I’ve made $500K in 2 years

♎ They're building up savings brick by brick.

🐟 How much you need to have in your savings to feel financially prepared: poll

꧙ “The survey also found that the average American starts to feel stressed about their money just seven days after receiving their paycheck,” said Madhu Muthukumar, Chief Product Officer at Chime.

🌃 Social Security payments could see steep cuts starting in 2033

♊ Trustees for Social Security and Medicare released a report examining the health of the key trust funds, which found that they are on pace to be depleted in roughly a...

🎉 The simple hack to avoid credit card surcharges at cafes

✃ If you feel like you're increasingly being slapped with card surcharges - you're not imagining it. Here's how to easily avoid extra charges to your card.

There's a stealth money-saving hack for every zodiac sign

꧒ The key to financial stability lies in understanding your spending habits, nonnegotiable expenses and long-term goals — all qualifiers found in the archetypes of the zodiac.

ౠ Which generation tips the best — Gen Z or boomers? The results of this survey may surprise you

🐼 Nearly 3 in 5 adults have negative feelings about tipping — and the resentment only grows with age.

🌠 Being single is too expensive and stressful— but these women would STILL rather be alone

𒉰 "Women are no longer solely focused on getting married and starting families, but instead focused on building their careers and prioritizing debt repayment," Courtney Alev, consumer financial advocate at Intuit...

Do you have an adjustable-rate mortgage? The clock is ticking, here's what you need to do right now

ꦑ Today’s high interest rates have created a ticking time bomb for the many homebuyers who took out an adjustable-rate mortgage near the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

ꦉ Want to buy a new home but keep your low-interest rate? Try this simple mortgage hack

🦩 Enter “mortgage porting,” the practice of transferring the terms of your existing mortgage over to a new property. But how exactly does it work, and what will you need to qualify?

🍨 Milli Bank Review: Mobile-first banking with sky-high savings rates

🐼 Milli Bank is a mobile-only bank that offers a competitive savings rate, no monthly fees, and helpful savings tools, but lacks some traditional banking features and has limited customer support...

🧸 Unlock your dream vacation: 6 ways to maximize credit card rewards like a pro

💜 With a little research and planning, you can turn your miles and points into a passport to unforgettable travel experiences.

🐽 Fidelity Rewards Visa credit card review: Boost your retirement savings with every swipe

ꦛ This card is an excellent choice for existing Fidelity customers who prioritize boosting their retirement or college savings with every purchase.

ไ SoFi Credit Card review: 2% cash back, with a catch

📖 The SoFi Credit Card offers unlimited 2% cash back and seamless integration with SoFi's financial products but lacks a welcome bonus and introductory APR.

🍎 These 3 zodiac signs will totally blow their tax return this year

💟 The only certainties in life are death and taxes — and if you're alive in America today, folks, the latter is knocking on your door.

𒀰 Negotiating your credit card interest is easier than you think. Here’s how

💖 You can often successfully negotiate lower credit card interest rates with your current issuer, saving money and helping you pay off your debt more quickly.

🔜 Help! My bank just closed my account out of nowhere. What should I do?

♌ While having your bank close your account can be stressful, understanding the reasons behind the closure and taking steps to resolve the situation can help you regain control of your...