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Rubik's Cube inventor turns 80, looks back on its 50-year history — and reveals how long he takes to solve popular puzzle toy

✱ “I just made it for my own curiosity,” Ernő Rubik, who turns 80 on July 13, told The Post.

💎 375-pound great-grandfather sea turtle released back into Florida ocean after rehab

🀅 A sea turtle has been sent back into the ocean off the coast of Florida after recovering from some serious wounds. 

Museum of Pizza creator shares 'bonkers' story behind his nearly Fyre Festival-level catastrophe

🥀 Kareem Rahma just wanted a slice of the pie, but he got burned in the process.

Sloths are cute but don't hug them for a selfie, animal activists warn: 'Can break bones with their teeth'

🀅 Tempted to cuddle a sloth? Not so fast. Despite how huggable the mammals appear, activists are warning animal lovers not to partake in the interactive zoo experiences, which have cropped...

🌟 My family lived next to the NYC garage collapse — we were displaced and had to rebuild from the ground up

🐻 Suzanne Cohen's family of five lived next door to the Ann Street garage, which collapsed in April 2023 -- killing one person and uprooting her whole family.

꧑ Paralyzed man finishes marathon 3 years after accident took his ability to walk as a teen

ဣ Last month, Mason Branstrator returned to his hometown of Duluth, Minnesota to race in the annual Grandma's Marathon as part of the wheelchair competition.

𓆉 These are the 3 cheapest, safest cities on the West Coast — would you move?

𒅌 Believe it or not, there are still multiple metropolises that are safe and affordable for those looking to relocate.

Grandmother, 102, still works at a health resort — here's why retirement isn't for her

ꦓ Among her tips: "When you worry, you add to the problems. By not worrying, you subtract from the problems."

How Lee Greenwood's 'God Bless the USA' became the most patriotic song in America: 'Never intended it to be a hit'

🉐 Lee Greenwood will celebrate the 40th anniversary of his iconic anthem “God Bless the USA” – a love letter to the country – and at 81 years old, he has...

Teens on TikTok discover they're actually twins who were kidnapped from their parents at birth

ꦛ Elene Deisadze was scrolling on TikTok in 2022 when she had to do a double-take. There was a girl, Anna Panchulidze, who looked just like her.

ꦍ From the runway to real estate — 3 fashionistas who ditched glam gigs to sell NYC

🐬 Real estate is fast becoming a choice career change for business belles throughout the US, per a 2023 report from the National Association of Realtors. 

'None of us are alone anymore': 5 New Yorkers on how they rid of the loneliness 'virus' and got back out there

🍌 These New Yorkers, tired of being lonely post-pandemic, are some of the many city-side camaraderie curators who've taken control of their social lives, launching clubs, cliques and even niche apps...

Restaurant workers call out 'rude' customer behavior with surprising list of pet peeves: 'We are people, too'

🌜 Restaurant pros are spilling the tea — on their rudest customers.

🍰 This 100-year-old great-grandma was a top welder during WW2 — and now she keeps fit with a crazy workout

💦 Michelle Cohen used to fuse steel gun mounts onto ships at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, now she pumps iron.

🐓 14 sets of twins and one set of triplets graduate from the same high school class

ღ "It’s kind of crazy to see that there’s so many other people in the same situation," twin Jocelyn Reed said.

I was an 'out of control' teen on the 'Maury' show 25 years ago — it helped me turn my life around

ꦐ “I got booed by the audience, drill sergeants screamed in my face, and I then was taken away to boot camp,” Kristen White, now 40, said of her experience as...

Newly deciphered manuscript is oldest written record of Jesus' childhood: 'Extraordinary'

൩ Written on papyrus in either the 4th or 5th century, it had been stored at a library in Hamburg, Germany, for decades and was long believed to be an insignificant...